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Furnace Repair & Installation

Arlington, TX

It’s often said that you can’t control the weather, and this is certainly true for North Texas. We have hot summers and frigid winters. The unpredictability of winter weather can be distressing to homeowners, because you never know what you’re going to get on any given day. Thankfully, A#1 Air is here to relieve your stress with furnace repair and installation in Arlington, TX.

As one of Texas’ biggest cities, Arlington has just about everything you could want from a city. Whether you are enjoying a Rangers game, spending the day at Six Flags Over Texas, or relaxing by Johnson Creek, it is important to return to a warm home when the weather turns sour. Like the weather, home heating systems can also bring adverse temperature fluctuations without warning. We are available 24 hours a day to address all of your heating needs. If you want help determining whether or not you need a new oil or gas furnace or you simply need routine repairs, A#1 Air is here to serve you.

Do You Need a New Oil Furnace?

We know what a hassle it can be when your oil furnace experiences issues, especially if the problem is so severe that you need a brand new system installed. Fortunately, our team has 25 years of experience in oil furnace installation services, so we’ll get your new system running in no time.

Of course, sometimes there’s a gray area in regards to whether your system needs replacement or simple repairs. To protect your home and family, we recommend getting your system evaluated the minute you suspect there’s a problem. If not, then you could be at risk for the following issues: 

  • Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home, which are damaging to young children, pets, and elders
  • Uneven heating in your home or a lack of heat in general
  • Banging or constant loud noise

Many issues can arise from a faulty furnace, so don’t wait to get your system evaluated.  We provide top quality oil furnace services, so you can rest assured that we can handle any problem from routine repairs to a new oil furnace installation. If you’re unhappy with our service, we’ll put our money where our mouth is. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The A#1 Air Team

A#1 Air wouldn’t be able to provide comprehensive furnace repair and installation services without our team of qualified technicians. All of our technicians are certified to practice by ACR, EPA, Puron, and the state of Texas. Additionally, most of our senior techs are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified.

Qualifications aside, our technicians are committed to providing quick and efficient services at low cost to you. We offer affordable flexible financing options, so you won’t be run out of the house (and your home) by our prices.

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Staying Warm with A#1 Air

We are your top choice for quick and thorough heating system services. If you’re in need of furnace repair and installation in Arlington, TX, then A#1 Air is waiting for your call. Contact us today, and you’ll see why our motto is, “Guaranteed Right Day or Night!”

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