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Home and Business Automation Dallas, Fort WorthAutomation Services
Dallas, Fort Worth

Home automation and business automation are in high demand.  Technological advances continue to meet these demands to provide you with comfort and convenience of automation right at your fingertips.  Automation can save you money in energy costs and free up some of your time.  Our proven technicians are dedicated to providing high quality automation services for your home and business needs.  A#1 Air Automation services provide trained, experienced, and professional technicians for automation installation and services.

Home and Business Automation TipAutomation Tip

Manage your energy consumption with automated programming or wireless control. For example, set your thermostat and lights to turn on and off based on your schedule. – ADT


Home automation services with your family in mind.

A#1 Air Automation offers the latest in home automation technologies.  Smart homes continue to increase in popularity and demand, including automation of lighting, entertainment systems, security, communications, and home climate control, all for your family’s comfort and enjoyment.  A#1 Air Automation’s services can install a new home automation system for you or provide services to maintain your pre-existing automation system.  We can provide networking to ensures that everything from your home theater system to your lighting needs work efficiently.  We can also improve your home convenience by adding lighting control, drapery and shading control, energy and climate management, home networking and cabling, and much more.



Building automation by professionals, for professionals.

We provide a wide range of high quality business automation services to help make your daily business operations more streamlined and to help keep energy costs down.  With personalized installation and service options, our skilled technicians can customize your control system based on unique needs and preferences for your office or entire building.  This includes lighting control, thermostat control, and telephone and IP networking.  Enhance the comfort and convenience of your building for your employees, customers, and visitors by taking advantage of the latest in commercial automation technologies, such as digital signage, telephone and IP networking, and energy and climate control.