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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation
Bedford, TX

Are you struggling to beat the heat in your home? Is a poorly functioning air conditioning system leaving you yearning for the cool air of fall? If so, air conditioning repair and installation in Bedford is just a phone call away.  Bedford residents have numerous parks to choose from to enjoy some outdoor fun, and it's crucial to have a cool home to retreat to.  Between hot, humid summers and sporadic weather throughout the rest of the year, Bedford families rely on A#1 Air to keep their homes cool and comfortable, in spite of changing temperatures. We also prioritize urgent needs.

Your A/C Emergency is Our Priority

A#1 Air proudly offers emergency local A/C services to Beford residents. Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night, we are always prepared to live up to our motto of “Guaranteed Right Day or Night.” Your emergency is our priority. Each emergency request we receive is given prompt attention so that you can begin enjoying your home again as quickly as possible. We’ll also do so at no additional charge.  We understand that when you need A/C services, you need them right then, without additional fees piling on.   

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Are Repairs Bleeding Your Wallet Dry?

With over 25 years of experience, we know that poorly functioning systems can cause homeowners to repeatedly spend money on repairs without the satisfaction of a comfortable living environment. If you’ve noticed more problems with your system lately, it may be time for an A/C tuneup or a whole new system.  Did you know that investing in a new system could save you money? Take a look at a few of the true benefits of a new A/C installation:

  • Money Saved.  When upgrading your existing system, you not only save money on continued repairs, but receive the industry’s latest options which feature proven energy efficiency and extended warranties.  We have flexible financing options available.
  • A Fresh Start.  After installing a new air conditioning system, your home and family can breathe a breath of fresh air. Our skilled technicians will help you develop a preventative maintenance plan that is perfect for your situation, home, and family. Proper maintenance extends the life of your new system, therefore saving you money in the long run.  No more untimely, costly repairs.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality.  Do you have children or pets? Does someone in your home have breathing problems or allergies? Allergies and respiratory-related conditions can worsen if the air quality inside your home is poor, posing a health risk. Reduce allergens, pet dander, and pollutants from your home’s air with a new system.

Why A#1 Air?

Our award-winning service staff is second to none. For the safety of you and your family, we choose our team members carefully. In fact, most of our senior technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified, and all of our technicians receive:

  • Full background checks and drug testing
  • Bi-weekly ongoing training at our in-house training center
  • EPA Certification
  • ACR Technician Certification

If you can’t stand the heat in your home any longer and need relief, A#1 Air is here for you! We proudly offer air conditioning repair and installation in Bedford, TX with 100% satisfaction, guaranteed. Simply contact us now!

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