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Carbon Monoxide Detector Repair & InstallationCarbon Monoxide Detector
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

You may not think about it much, but there is a silent killer that can bring potentially life-threatening harm to you and your family in your own home. The culprit is carbon monoxide. This odorless and colorless gas can be released into the air through many different mediums, including your stove, HVAC system, water heaters, fireplaces, and more. How can you protect you and your family against something that you can’t even see or smell? You need a carbon monoxide detector. A carbon monoxide detector will alert you when carbon monoxide is present so you can immediately escape and seek help. To protect yourself from this sneaky killer, you can trust A#1 Air Security to bring you the best carbon monoxide detector products and services in Dallas, Fort Worth!

carbon detectorCarbon Monoxide Detector Tip

“Only use barbecue grills outside, away from all doors, windows, vents and other building openings. Some grills can produce CO gas. Never use grills inside the home or the garage, even if the doors are open.” - U.S. Fire Administration


Carbon monoxide detector repair so that you’re never caught off guard.

Carbon monoxide can sneak up on you and your family when you least expect it. A carbon monoxide detector is just as important as a smoke detector.  You can trust us to repair your carbon monoxide detectors if you should ever run into any issues. From cracked chimney flues, to closing fireplace dampers too early, to using your gas stove to help heat your home, and more, you could be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning without even realizing. We know how important it is for you to keep your family and home safe at all times, and we want to bring you the comfort that you deserve. So give us a call, and we will send one of our awesome technicians to repair your detectors right away.



Get more than just carbon monoxide protection. Get great service too!

When you need carbon monoxide detector services, you can count on our certified technicians to give you exceptional services. But giving you just what you expect isn’t the A#1 Air Security way. We will exceed your expectations, and we will leave you completely satisfied with your experience. If you need help protecting yourself and your family against carbon monoxide, just give us a call!



Carbon monoxide detector installations that removes the guesswork against an invisible threat.

We will assess your home and labor an analysis while determining exactly where your carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in order to maximize safety. You don’t have to let your family stay at risk any longer against a threat you cannot see or smell. You have enough to worry about, so let us take care of this for you.  We offer Flexible Financing options so you don’t have to break the bank to protect your family!