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Furnace Repair & Installation

Carrollton, TX

Northern Texas is known for its hot summers, but few people know about the severity of the region’s winters. During the winter, the weather can change from being in the 70s one day to below freezing the next. With such variability, it is important to have a working heating system in your home – which Carrollton residents understand. If you’re in need of furnace repair and installation in Carrollton, then A#1 Air is here to help.

Named as one of the “Top 100 Places to Live” in the United States, Carrollton is one of Northern Texas’s bigger cities. Despite its size, Carrollton provides the feel of a close-knit community. Whether residents are shopping downtown or exploring one of the many nature trails in the area, there is usually a familiar face to be seen.

As a community, the residents of Carrollton understand the importance of having an effective heating system in their homes during the winter months. A#1 Air shares this concern, which is why our technicians are available 24/7/365 days a year to attend to the heating needs of Carrollton residents. Whether you’re looking for emergency services or routine repair, we’re here to serve.

Emergency Heating Services

Heating systems, particularly furnaces, can experience problems without warning. Luckily, A#1 Air is always open for business in cases where you need emergency furnace repairs. Whether your furnace breaks down during the night, on a holiday, or over the weekend, you can count on A#1 Air to respond within 24 hours. There’s a reason why our motto is “Guaranteed Right Day or Night!”

If you’re experiencing a heating emergency, then you can rest assured knowing that: 

  • A#1 Air never charges overtime fees for our work
  • Our customers receive same day services on the day that they call
  • A#1 Air will refund 100% if you’re not completely satisfied

Of course, sometimes an emergency repair just won’t cut it. If your furnace is in need of a replacement, however, A#1 Air has your needs covered.

Heating System Installations

At some point, all furnaces and heating systems fail. When this happens, you can count on A#1 Air to be at the ready to replace your system. We specialize in new furnace installations, and our technicians are equipped to work with all kinds of systems. Our technicians have years of experience in the field of HVAC services, so you can be sure that whatever the problem is, we can fix it.  

A#1 Air also takes the training of our technicians very seriously. As such, all of our staff members participate in bi-weekly training sessions to ensure that we as a company stay up to date with advancements in the field. We’re committed to using only the most current and energy-efficient technology in our repairs and installations.

The A#1 Air Way

For quality services related to furnace repair and installation, A#1 Air is the optimum choice. We guarantee that our work is conducted by licensed technicians who have 24-hour availability and years of experience. 

If you’re in need of heating services, contact us today. You’ll see why A#1 Air is a leading company in furnace repair and installation in Carrollton, TX!