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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation
Colleyville, TX

As a Colleyville resident, improving your swing at the golf course or visiting one of the area’s many parks may be on your list of preferred outdoor activities. After coming home from a long day soaking up the warm summer sun, you want your home to be cool and comfortable. A#1 Air is proud to provide air conditioning repair and installation in Colleyville to restore your home to a cool and refreshing environment, no matter what time of day or night.  We offer services 24/7/365, including services for urgent needs.  

Emergency A/C Repairs

We’re here around the clock in order to provide emergency A/C services when you need them the most. Don’t let the heat drive you away from your home. Whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or in the middle of the night, you can rely on A#1 Air to quickly and accurately inspect and repair your system.  And if repairs aren’t enough, we’ve still got you covered.

Do You Need a New Air Conditioning System?

Our goal is to get you back to enjoying life in your home. As Colleyville’s top air conditoning service provider, we’re committed to helping you stay cool and save you money at the same time. If you’re not comfortable with the temperature in your home and it turns out a new system is needed, rest assured we’ll make things as easy as possible for you, your family and your pocketbook.  A#1 Air’s wide selection, flexible financing, and 100% satisfaction guarantee will make having a new A/C system installed an enjoyable one. 

If you and your family have had enough of heat and humidity in your home and can’t seem to get any relief from repairs, you may benefit from an air conditioning replacement. Dealing with warm air circulating through your home only serves to make the Texas summer months unbearable. Did you know that replacing a faulty or outdated A/C system will save you money in the long run?

  • Save money on repairs.  At A#1 Air, we specialize in providing superior repair services, but truthfully we don’t want you to need us. You’re entitled to a properly functioning system that doesn’t need constant repairs and attention. With preventative maintenance, a new unit will provide years of repair-free comfort.
  • Save money on energy costs.  Today’s new systems include an array of energy efficient models perfect for any size of home. Whether you live alone or have a large family, your entire home is efficiently cooled with a new system. As a bonus, keep more money in your pocket with monthly savings in energy costs.
  • Save money with superior performance.  As technology becomes more intuitive, new systems have been developed to respond according to changing temperatures in your home, ensuring that you don’t waste money with unnecessary cooling. Programmable thermostats are a key tool when it comes to energy efficiency and saving money on utility bills.

A#1 Air’s Commitment to You

At A#1 Air, the comfort and safety of your family and home are our top priorities. We’ve built our team from decades of HVAC experience and we train, certify and provide continuous education to all of our technicians and A#1 Air staff.  While most of our senior technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certified, all of our technicians receive:

  • Full background checks and drug testing
  • Bi-weekly ongoing training at our in-house training center
  • EPA Certification
  • ACR Technician Certification

If you’re looking for reliable air conditioning repair and installation in Colleyville, TX, trust A#1 Air to provide top notch service that’s “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night!” For immediate assistance with your air conditioning needs, we’re always available – contact us today!