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Furnace Repair & Installation

Corinth, TX

There is a saying in Northern Texas: “If you don’t like the weather, just stick around… it’ll change!” From snowstorms to sunshine, winter weather in Northern Texas sees all extremes. Corinth, a suburb of Dallas, is no exception to this rule. Corinth homeowners place the utmost priority on protecting their homes during the winter, which is where A#1 Air comes in. We provide furnace repair and installation in Corinth to help residents maintain a safe living environment throughout the winter. 

Corinth residents love to spend their time in outdoor areas such as Kensington Park and Corinth Community Park. However, due to ever-changing weather patterns, visitors to these areas sometimes have to end their outdoor exploits prematurely. When their days are interrupted by storms or freezing temperatures, it is essential for residents to seek refuge in their warm, comfortable homes. If you come home to a broken furnace, A#1 Air is here to help.

The A#1 Air Way for Furnace Repair

When disaster strikes and your furnace is out of commission, you can trust A#1 Air to respond to your needs within 24 hours. In addition to our availability, we also promise that the following criteria will be addressed in all repairs: 

  • 100% guarantee or your money back if you’re not satisfied with our work
  • Technicians trained to work with all models of furnaces, from Amana to Rheem
  • Adherence to all city codes regarding furnace issue repairs
  • Complete assessment and diagnosis of your furnace, to determine areas of weakness

A#1 Air’s Team of Licensed Technicians

At A#1 Air, we know that it’s important not to let just anyone into your home for furnace repair and installation services. That’s why we have high standards for all of our employees, ensuring that we send only the most qualified and dependable technicians into Corinth homes.

Our furnace contractor technicians meet the following standards of excellence: 

  • EPA Certification
  • ACR Certification
  • Puron Certification
  • Licensure to practice from the state of Texas

Many of our senior technicians even hold NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certification. Additionally, our team operates on a 24-hour schedule every day of the year. That means that we work evenings, weekends, and even holidays! The A#1 Air team knows that furnaces can break down at any point in time, so we make sure that we can come when you call.

Of course, having a qualified team of technicians is just one part of A#1 Air’s exemplary services. Our furnace repair services are designed to meet your needs at an affordable cost. 

Why Choose A#1 Air?

With our team of skilled technicians, our 24-hour availability, and our money back guarantee, there’s every reason to choose A#1 Air for your furnace repair needs. Our furnace contractors have years of experience and even undergo biweekly trainings at our in-house center.

Does it all sound too good to be true? It’s not! A#1 Air is committed to providing top quality furnace repair and installation in Corinth, TX. So contact us today to learn what we can do for you!