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Electrical Panel Repair and InstallationElectrical Panels
Dallas, Fort Worth

Your electrical panel, or breaker panel as it's often called, is the brain of your home's electrical system.  It controls how electricity reaches your appliances, switches, plugs, and outlets. If your electrical panel isn’t maintained properly or repaired as needed, you may experience a number of electrical hazards in and around your home. Rest assured that A#1 Air Electric services provide experienced electricians to deal with your needs regarding panel upgrade, circuit breaker replacement, and all things connected to the electrical subpanel in your Dallas area home.

Residential Electrical Panels TipElectrical Panels Tip

For safety, all circuits should be grounded. A continuous conductor (often solid copper) should run from the neutral conductor inside the panel to a ground such as a water pipe or metal rod driven into the ground. -

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Electrical panel repair that meets industry standards and the proper requirements of your home.

A#1 Air Electric knows that electrical problems need to be taken care of immediately. If you’re dealing with electrical panel issues or need panel upgrades, circuit breaker replacements, or repairs directly to your electrical panel in your Dallas area home, contact us immediately.  Our repair services include maintenance and inspection of:

  • switch gears
  • enclosures
  • insulators
  • connectors
  • conductors
  • circuit breakers
  • contacts
  • arc interrupters

A#1 Air Electric can identify and repair faulty electrical issues in the electrical panel box to ensure your home is safe for you and your family – quickly and efficiently.



Electric panel services to avoid electrical shortages and fires.

A#1 Air Electric ensures that your electrical panel needs, from circuit breaker replacement to complete panel upgrades, are taken care of according to standard code and safety requirements.  Our highly trained and certified electricians inspect, analyze, and resolve any electrical panel issue you may have in a timely and efficient manner. We’ll check and service all electrical breakers, replace faulty circuit breakers, and take care of any electrical problems between the electrical panel and any outlet, switch, or plug.  This will help to ensure that your home remains safe and free from electrical dangers, fire, or outages.



Electrical panel installation and design to support modern technologies.

Updated, energy-efficient electrical panels not only ensure safety for your family and your home, but save you thousands of dollars throughout the life of your electrical system. They also support the many technologies your household uses on a daily basis, in a safe manner.  You need your breaker box to be able to handle your electrical load adequately.  Sometimes an upgrade is in order, and other times a new design may be required.  A#1 Air Electric will cater installation to your specific needs and requirements.