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Home Theater Repair & InstallationHome Theater
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

Nothing beats the smell of popcorn, comfy seats, and a dark room lit by a big, bright screen. Yes, the movie theater is an awesome place to catch a flick, but we’re not talking about the silver screen you have to pay to see.  We’re talking about the home theater that you have in your own house! You may be wondering how to begin building up your cinematic dream system, but that answer is simple. You can trust A#1 Air Security to get you started on building your home theater with the best systems and services available in Dallas, Fort Worth! 

Home Theater Tip 

"Use heavy curtains on windows to block out light and use to frame the screen.  Framing the screen with curtains gives that real movie theater feel." - HGTV


We’ll have your system back up and running before you hit play.

The last thing you ever want to happen during a movie is for the screen to blank out on you just as the movie reaches it’s climax. Of course this is something that you might think only happens in the movies, but you never know when your home theater system may go awry. And you definitely don’t want to miss the highlight play of the big game on your big screen!  If you ever experience an issue with your home theater system, you can trust us to be ready to go to work for you.



A great system comes with great service!

When you call A#1 Air Security to begin putting together your home theater, you should expect to get more than just a top notch system. We make sure that you are left completely satisfied with your experience and that you get the best service in the industry. Our technicians are experts with AV equipment and they know all there is to know about home theaters. So when you’re ready to get started, we will send our techs to your door!



Lights, camera, installation!

Our technicians will work with you to decide how to plan and design your home theater system to fit your home and your preferences. We’ll work to get the picture, the sound, and the gadgets you want to make your home theater experience unparalleled.  You can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our audiovisual services and that we promise to get the job done right, guaranteed. You can also take comfort knowing that we offer Flexible Financing options, so you don’t need to break the bank to create the home theater of your dreams!