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Residential Intercom Repair & InstallationIntercom
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

Do you ever find yourself yelling across your entire house to get your children's attention? That sure can hurt your throat after a while! Thankfully, you don’t need to lose your voice with the help of an intercom system. With an intercom, you can communicate to everyone across your entire home with ease and convenience. Speak to anyone in any room of the house through remote intercoms and a master station to keep your day running smoothly. Something even more valuable than that - the extra home security!  You can use an intercom system to screen who is at your front door, before you ever open the door.  Now that's valuable.  Call A#1 Air Security for the best intercom products and services in Dallas, Fort Worth!

Intercom System Tip

"You can enhance home security with a front-door speaker that allows you to talk with a visitor before opening the door.” - How Stuff Works 


We’ll repair your intercom so you can have extra home security and give your voice a rest.

Life likes to throw you curve balls every once in a while, and you never know when your intercom system may need repairs. We’ll work to repair whatever is needed so your intercom system will be operable again, giving you control of your home and outside visitors once more.  We repair all systems and all size setups, regardless of how many entry points, internal speakers, wiring, video door phones, etc.  Our skilled technicians will get your intercom system back to a dependable working order.



We will keep your intercom system running soundly, for that extra sense of security.

You may run into issues with your intercom that you just can’t diagnose yourself. Maybe the problem is right in front of you, or maybe it’s hidden within the walls. No matter what the case, we are here to help. Our technicians are experts with home intercom systems so you can rest assured knowing that we will take complete care of your needs.  You’ll not only have the convenience of having an internal intercom system in your home, but you’ll also have the sense of security of being able to screen outside visitors before open the door.  That's more important and that kind of security is invaluable now-a-days.



Intercom installation to keep security and peace of mind at your fingertips - and ears!

When you are ready to equip your house with the bountiful perks and additional security of an intercom, then give us a call! When it comes to installing an intercom, our skilled technicians can handle it with ease! And all of our technicians are drug tested and background checked.  We will work with you to figure out what works best both for your home and for your budget! We also offer Flexible Financing options that can help you get the intercom system you want without emptying your wallet!