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Residential Electric Repair & Installation
Keller, TX

Keller, TX welcomes you with the charming atmosphere of a small town, but provides you with the conveniences you’d expect from big city living. With so many options available, as a resident, you can easily spend your day shopping, dining, or relaxing. Along with the strong sense of community, it’s not hard to Keep It In Keller!

At the end the day, you want to come home, relax, and take a load off. But what if you come home to an unexpected electrical problem? Who do you call about this unpleasant surprise? The experts at A#1 Air Electric! We offer emergency repair and installation services that will provide you a quick resolution for any electrical problem you have. For electric services in Keller, TX you can trust, call us!

Emergency Electrical Repair Services

Electrical issues don’t always give you warning signs.  And some need to be fixed right away or they disrupt your family and your household.  In those cases, you need help immediately.  A#1 Air Electric will never leave you in the dark.  We understand your stressful and possibly dangerous situtation, such as a short in your electrical panel, and always prioritize every emergency call.  We respect your time and your situation.  We promise to always treat you like family. 

Our Trusted Electricians

Before our electricians are ever hired, they are seasoned, licensed, background checked, and drug tested.  They are also continuously trained in industry best standards, latest technologies, and customer service.  We make sure that our electricians hone and develop the knowledge and skills they need to help them take on any challenge that they face while solving solutions in your home.  We do this for them and for you. We also use infrared technologies to allow our technicians to pinpoint your trouble spots without being invasive to your home's structure.  It's more accurate, timely, and less costly to you.  

A#1 Air Electric is Guaranteed 

Our services are “Guaranteed Right, Day or Night,” and we hold ourselves to this promise, or you get your money back. Your satisfaction is our goal, and it keeps us focused on exactly what you need! You can trust our electricians to do all that they can to take care of you! When you are looking for the best electric services in Keller, TX, contact A#1 Air Electric!