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Heat Pump Repair & Installation

Lake Dallas, TX

As a homeowner in Lake Dallas, you’re probably aware that your town dates back to 1852. It still offers the small town feel and close-knit community that provides you with a great place to raise your family. Still, weather in Lake Dallas gets extreme in summer and winter. While living in your town is refreshing, you won’t feel refreshed if the climate control in your home isn’t up to par. When that happens, rest assured that you can count on A#1 Air for your heat pump repair and installation needs in Lake Dallas.

Your heat pump works year round to ensure that your A/C produces cool air and your heating system produces warm air. Without an effective and reliable heat pump system, your home won’t stay comfortable inside regardless of the weather conditions. From system repairs to brand new installations, A#1 Air is fully equipped and ready to meet any heat pump repair and installation needs in Lake Dallas.

A#1 Air Services

Our technicians have worked with heat pumps and systems in all stages of repair, so you can trust that any potential cooling issues will be addressed properly.

If you’re worried about the cost of repairs or replacement, rest assured that A#1 Air offers competitive pricing. Additionally, we can work with you to finance our services, if needed.

We understand that cost is only one of the concerns you might have when facing a system overhaul. There are, however, many benefits to bringing A#1 Air in to resolve any heat pump issues you have. Repairing damages early on will prevent the problem from becoming worse and requiring costly repairs. Repairing or installing a new system will also reduce your home’s energy usage, helping to reduce your utility bills. Rely on us for the best when dealing with HVAC repairs or installations.

Why Choose A#1 Air?

Our technicians have years of training, and are certified through Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification and Air Conditioning Repair (ACR) Certification. Many of our senior technicians hold North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification, so you can be sure that with A#1 Air, you’ll always receive the highest quality services possible.

Our team of certified technicians has years of experience with repairing heat pumps, so we’ve seen it all. From overall heat pump system issues to specific problems with your individual pump; our team can solve your HVAC issues.

Moreover, our services are backed by a 100% guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with our services, then we’ll make it right or give you a full refund. A#1 Air is a family-oriented business, and we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with our customers.

If your system is in need of a tune up, repair, or overall revamp, contact us and set up an appointment today! We guarantee your satisfaction with our services, which is why A#1 Air is a renowned provider of heat pump repair and installation in Lake Dallas, TX!