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Art Lighting Dallas, Fort Worth

Did you know that the wrong kind of lighting can actually damage your art work?  A#1 Air Electric provides a number of options when it comes to illuminating your art or wall decor. Fine art lighting requires the use of art light fixtures that illuminate your art without damaging paint, finishes, or documents. Our trained and certified electricians are experienced with a variety of art lighting wiring options, including direct wired and in-line switch displays.

Art lighting installation and design services to enhance your art displays, family portraits, and more.

Ensuring that the light source you choose to illuminate your art will enhance, and not detract from it, is key. Our electricians are experienced in assessing optimal art light fixtures and placement to create the perfect ambience for your art piece. From picture lights, spotlights, track lighting, to recessed lights into walls or ceilings, our electricians carefully position and determine the intensity of light and angles to ensure the most attractive and safe displays. We’ll provide an initial analysis of lighting suggestions based on the art being displayed, as well as other components in the room to determine the best and most appropriate lighting method and style.

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