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Residential Indoor Air Quality Dallas, Fort WorthResidential Indoor Air Quality
Dallas, Fort Worth

Pollutants and an imbalance of moisture in your home can possibly contribute to allergy and asthma issues for your family, as well as cause headaches, dizziness, illness, and even death. Some effects take place rather quickly upon exposure, while others don’t show up until years later.  Dirt, dust mites, mold, pollen, dander, bacteria, chemicals, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, second-hand smoke, and much more all contribute negatively to indoor air quality (IAQ).  According to several public health reports, poor IAQ has been proven to be the cause of multiple health problems.  Allergies and asthma have been proven to be worse when indoor air quality is poor.

Poor indoor air quality is among the top five environmental risks. – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Poor indoor air quality causes multiple health problems. Proper, clean air duct systems help improve household indoor air quality.

You want your home to be as healthy and comfortable as possible for you and family. The majority of your every day life is spent between home and work; but it’s every day life that affects indoor air quality in a negative way. According to several public health reports, poor indoor air quality has been proven to be the cause of multiple health problems. Just an incorrect balance of moisture in your home’s air can cause mild to severe respiratory problems. Carbon monoxide is also a concern.

While there are steps you can do as a homeowner to improve indoor air quality, such as identifying and cleaning contaminated areas in your home, ventilating your home, balancing moisture with a humidifier or dehumidifier, and staying proactive with deep cleanings, sometimes you just need more.  Sometimes the problem is lurking in your air ducts.


Air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality and improves system efficiency!

Poor indoor air quality not only means a health risk for your family, but it could also mean your heating and air conditioning system is struggling to perform and costing you money in energy costs. It could even equate to untimely and expensive repairs if certain contaminants and debris are getting through and into your system components. Every time you run your system, these contaminants are being pulled in. To learn more about our services, visit air duct cleaning.

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