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Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Warranties Dallas, Fort WorthResidential Air Conditioning & Heating Warranties
Dallas, Fort Worth

As a homeowner, you want to minimize risks when possible.  As a smart consumer, you know warranties are important.  At A#1 Air, you are never at risk when doing business with us.  Our Warranty and Installation Departments work hard to ensure you get the full benefit of your new product warranty. How?

On all new residential heating and air conditioning products - we register the warranty for you!  Our Comfort Care Specialists will educate you on your options and help you select the right warranty option that is best for your specific home needs.  A few things to know:

  • All of A#1 Air’s craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed, for life.   

  • All manufactures’ products come with a 1-year warranty. 

  • Extended warranties are available. Your Comfort Care Specialist will advise you of specifics on standard warranties and extended warranties so the best decision can be made on your behalf.

  • We offer many flexible financing plans to fit your personal budget.

Our extended warranty offerings include:

  • The Sweet 16 – Our best deal!  16 years of care free coverage for both parts and labor.  Follow recommended service advisements and if anything goes wrong, you can be care free for 16 years.  It’s ideal for homeowners wanting to guard against rising utility costs.  This offer is transferable.
  • 10 Year Parts & Labor – This warranty covers parts and labor for 10 years.  We understand A/C and heating parts and labor can get pricey.  Ten years of coverage can be a great piece of mind.  This offer is also transferable.   
  • 10 Year Parts – Air conditioning and heating parts can fail at times.  It’s always a good idea to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong.  While this warranty only covers parts, it’s still beneficial and a way to keep money in your pocket over the long-term.

Other warranties are available for various products.  In order to ensure your system stays energy efficient and in great working condition for years to come, and to ensure you get the full benefits of your new product warranty, check out Sherry’s Comfortable Club for Preventative Maintenance.