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Furnace Repair & Installation

Sachse, TX

The town of Sachse is the place to go for outdoor recreation in the state of Texas! The Woodbridge Golf Course, an 18-hole course, is located here – and so is the Northern Texas Chapter of the renowned Professional Golfers Association of America. Golfing in Sachse also lends itself to plenty of networking opportunities for golfers of all experience levels and interests! But when sudden adverse weather puts a damper on your outdoor fun, there’s nothing worse that returning home and finding a broken furnace. Fortunately, furnace repair and installation in Sachse from the experts at A#1 Air is always an option that you can count on for help.

Furnace Repair from A#1 Air

It doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside – your furnace should be working properly! Extreme temperatures are not just uncomfortable; they can be downright dangerous for the youngest and oldest members of your family. Fortunately, A#1 Air believes in the safety of each of our clients – which is why we can provide expert furnace repair 24/7/365.

A heating system emergency does not need to be a cause for stress when A#1 Air is on the job! Our home furnace services ensure that your family is able to enjoy a consistent, safe, and comfortable indoor temperature all year long. A#1 Air is available to serve you, whether it’s a simple repair or a full installation.

Installing a Furnace

Furnaces are like cars. With enough years behind them, they begin to wear out! Both oil and gas furnaces can pose a problem, but with the home furnace installers at A#1 Air, you can make the switch to a newer model that provides great cost savings and energy efficiency, outperforming your old system by a mile! That way, you can set – and keep – your ideal indoor temperature all year round.

If you have questions about what your next steps should be, the furnace repair and installation professionals from A#1 Air can help you make the right choice for your home. Prior to installing any new equipment, our team will always do a heat load calculation assessment to figure out exactly what your home can handle, depending on its size and space requirements.

The A#1 Air Promise

As with any equipment you have at home, your furnace deserves close attention to make sure that it is working all year long. That way, more manageable, smaller problems do not become huge and impossible later on! When you inspect your furnace system, consider the following criteria: 

  • Age of the furnace
  • A recent increase in energy bills
  • The last time you repaired it or had furnace repairs
  • Whether the burner flame is yellow instead of blue
  • Unusual noises emitting from your unit
  • More dust or a drier home than usual

If you have any abnormalities in your furnace, it could be time for a repair – or a whole new system. Our home furnace installers are friendly and extensively trained. If you need a new unit, our flexible financing options mean you can pick the product that’s right for you without worrying about the up-front cost!


In Sachse, TX, furnace repair and installation assistance from A#1 Air is available to you whenever you need it. Contact us today!