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smoke alarms - hearing impaired - dallas, fort worthSmoke Alarms for Hearing Impaired
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

Have you ever been in your home and been completely consumed by what you’re doing? Maybe you were reading a book, napping, or watching TV.  Regardless of what you’re doing, you may not always be aware of your surroundings because your attention is set on your activity. This lack of awareness can be troubling because you could easily miss any warning that a smoke alarm may be alerting you for! You need a smoke alarm for the hearing impaired, whether hearing impaired or completely deaf, to ensure that you are always safe, no matter what you’re doing in your home. With A#1 Air Security, you will get the best hearing impaired smoke detectors and services in the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex!

smoke alarm tipSmoke Alarm Tip for the Hearing Impaired

“Contact your local fire department on a non-emergency telephone number (use appropriate TTY devices if necessary) and explain your needs and ask for your needs information to be kept on file.” - National Fire Protection Association


We will repair hearing impaired smoke detectors, so you are always protected from danger.

Emergencies will happen, no matter how prepared you are. You should never be left defenseless against fire danger in your home.  So what do you do if something goes wrong with your system? The answer is simple.  Call us! A smoke alarm for hearing impaired individuals is vitally important for the safety of your household.  We will do anything in our power to ensure that safety for you, our customer. If you ever need repairs for your hearing impaired smoke detectors, just contact us.  We’re here when you need us.   



Hearing impaired smoke detectors for the extra safety net you need.

You need a reliable smoke alarm for hearing impaired.  Regardless of how many other people are in your home, if you are hearing impaired or deaf, you are at extra risk and in extra need of protection if there is a fire.  We understand that.  If your hearing impaired smoke alarm system is due for maintenance or you need an upgrade, contact us. Don’t wait.  It’s not worth putting off and risking your safety and/or jeopardizing the safety of those around you.  Contact us today!



We’ll install your hearing impaired smoke alarm system quickly and efficiently - and personalized to your unique needs!

Let us take care of the hard work of installing and diagnosing your home for hearing impaired smoke detectors. Our technicians are experts in the ins and outs of smoke alarms for hearing impaired. Interconnected alarms throughout the house are best, so you’ll be alerted no matter what room you are in.  With A#1 Air Security, you will get an install that is done right, a system that is dependable, and a company that stands behind their work, guaranteed.  We also offer Flexible Financing options, so that you don’t feel like you’re emptying your bank account to get the fire protection equipment you need to protect your home, your family, and yourself.