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Smoke Detector Repair & InstallationSmoke Detector
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

You may be well aware that home fires are dangerous and can be fatal if you aren’t ready. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to see a fire when it starts. You may not even see it until after it’s done leaving devastating amounts of damage to your home. It is vital that you protect your home and family by installing smoke detectors to allow you to act fast before a fire begins to grow. With A#1 Air Security, you will get the best products and services in Dallas, Fort Worth. Let us install your smoke detectors and get your family protected from fire danger!

smoke detector tipSmoke Detector Tip

“Install smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area. Install alarms on every level of the home. Install alarms in the basement.” - National Fire Protection Association


We have your back whenever you need smoke detector repairs.

Although you may feel prepared for the event of a fire, you need to regularly check your smoke detectors to make sure that you are protected. You will never be left defenseless against a fire, because we highly value you and your family’s safety. We know how important it is for your home to be safe and sound, so we want to keep it that way. If you ever have smoke detector issues, just call on us to bring you back the peace of mind you deserve.



Get more than just smoke detectors. Get time to escape!

Let’s face it.   Fires happen.  We all hope and pray it never happens to our family or our home, but unfortunately fires do occur.  And they don’t discriminate.  Working smoke detectors give you the alert you need to give you the time you need to get out and escape to safety. It is imperative that you and your family are safe in your home, and we hold ourselves to a high standard and we bring you an experience like no other.  When you are in the market for smoke detector services, just give us a shout.  We’re here any time you need us.



Smoke detector installation - a low cost solution to a serious danger.

Smoke alarms are needed for the safety and protection of you and your family.  Period.  If you need smoke alarm installation, you can put your trust in our technicians with full confidence, because our services are always done right, guaranteed. We know that you have enough to worry about when it comes to protecting and providing for your family, and we want you to be able to rest easy. On top of all of this, we offer you Flexible Financing options so that you can get your home protected without worrying about the payments. Let us do the work for you, while you rest at ease knowing your smoke detectors are set up properly.