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Temperature Control Repair and Installation Dallas, Fort WorthTemperature Control 
Repair & Installation 
Dallas, Fort Worth

Don’t you hate it when you come back home and your house is too hot or too cold? Your home is supposed to be a place for relaxation.  You don’t want to walk in and immediately be uncomfortable and irritable.  Temperature control gives you the power to control and preset your air conditioning and heating from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  That way your home will be at the exact temperature you want when you want, and you’ll benefit from some energy saving. With A#1 Air Security, you will get the temperature control products and services you need to help deal with our crazy Dallas, Fort Worth weather!

Temperature Control Energy Saving TipEnergy Saving Tip

Reap some energy saving by setting the temperature for each room, and only cooling/heating each as much as needed. - U.S. Department of Energy


Temperature control repair to cater to the structural needs of your home and climate preferences of your family.  

If you ever need repairs to your temperature control system, you can call on us and we will take care of your problems. Things can change in a heartbeat, and that’s why we’re here.  We know how important it is to your energy usage and your wallet to stay in control of your home’s temperatures.  Just give us a call and we will have your temperature control system back up and running in no time.



Temperature controller service to keep the temperature what you want it, where you want it.

We highly value you and your family’s safety, and we will go out of our way to work in a safe and efficient manner.  With temperature control, you are able to save energy while keeping your family comfortable, so you can stop stressing out about high energy costs. With temperature control in the palm of your hand, you can make sure that your house temperature is ready when you are.  And we’re ready when you need us!



Temperature control system installations for your energy saving home!

Different areas and different rooms in your home will have different temperature needs.  Maybe your family room has large windows?  Or you have an upstairs with lofty bedrooms?  Being able to control the zones in your home make a huge difference in your energy usage and your electric bills!  Your comfort is our concern, and we will make sure that you have peace of mind from the second that we begin your install. You have enough to worry about, so you can relax knowing that our services are performed by the best technicians out there. You want a great system, so we let our fantastic installers do the job for you. Best of all, we offer a Flexible Financing option so you won’t break the bank for your new temperature control system!