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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation
The Colony, TX

Bordering Lewisville Lake, The Colony provides you with a gorgeous view of the lake, which inspires you to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Coming home to a hot and humid household is an unpleasant experience that can leave you wanting to literally jump in the lake! Before you head to the lake to cool off again, contact A#1 Air to quickly and efficiently repair your air conditioning system. Air conditioning repair and installation in The Colony is available from A#1 Air around the clock!

Stay Cool, Live Well, with A#1 Air

At A#1 Air, we know that you don’t want to deal with a poorly functioning air conditioning system. That’s why we’re proud to offer emergency local A/C services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round! Don’t have an emergency but want to schedule a service call? A#1 Air will come to your home at your convenience, and we’ll work around your busy schedule. At A#1 Air, we strive to make repairs and home A/C installations convenient for you.

Protect Your Health with a New A/C System

In addition to convenience, we work to achieve the highest quality when it comes to our home A/C installations. Our air conditioning repair and installation services have been trusted by area residents for over two decades. We know that good indoor air quality helps protect you and your family, especially when it comes to your health. With the installation of a new system, you  reduce your risk of pollutants entering your home. Such pollutants include:

  • Allergens: Like pollen and mold, allergens can easily enter your indoor air through a poorly functioning air conditioning system. This can lead to serious health problems, especially for children and senior citizens. A#1 Air has a wide selection of new systems available, including systems specifically designed to reduce allergens.
  • Dust Mites: Dust mites can be found in almost any home, but when dust mites and their waste products accumulate, you and your family can experience allergic reactions. A#1 Air can help freshen and improve your indoor air quality with a new air conditioning system.
  • Pet Dander: If you have pets at home, no matter how much you love them, their dander is not a friend to sinuses, nasal passages, and lungs. Installing a new air conditioning system can help reduce the circulation of pet dander in your home.

A#1 Air is dedicated to making your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

The A#1 Air Difference

The team at A#1 Air are committed to the safety of your home and family. To ensure that, our technicians receive:

  • Full background checks and drug testing
  • Bi-weekly ongoing training at our in-house training center
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification
  • Air Conditioning Repair (ACR) Technician Certification
  • Most of our senior technicians have been awarded North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification

In The Colony, TX, air conditioning repair and installation services from A#1 Air are available to you when you need it! Whether you’d like to schedule an inspection or need emergency attention, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for A/C services. Simply contact us today