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Furnace Repair & Installation

Watauga, TX

When your furnace goes out in the dead of a North Texas winter, it's important to act fast. Not only is it uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for you and your family to be living in a home without heat, it can also cause water in pipes to freeze, which leads to costly repairs. In order to avoid this sort of calamity, it's important to get furnace repair and installation in Watauga as quickly as possible so you can return to the wonders of your city.

Watauga is a charming suburb of Fort Worth that has much to offer its residents. With its close location to Fort Worth, there are miles and miles of work and play opportunities, but Watauga also has plenty to offer of its own volition. From Pickles BBQ & Icehouse to Joe's Coffee Shop, there are lots of local eateries for residents to visit when they get back from the city.

However, when Watauga residents finally head home during the frigid winter months, they need a place that is safe and warm against the winter chill. Make sure that your home stays comfortable and safe with help from one of the industry's finest – A#1 Air, a trusted source for Watauga furnace repair and installation.

Furnace Replacement

When a furnace coughs and sputters to a stop, you  need help from the experts. Fortunately, the technicians at A#1 Air are on call. Not only are they available 24/7/365, but residents of Watauga can be assured of their qualifications when it comes to furnace repair and installation. Some of the credentials are technicians have on their resumes include:                                    

  • EPA certification
  • ACR certification (Air Conditioning Repair)
  • NATE certification (North American Technician Excellence)

For those who don't know our industry, the NATE certification in particular is the mark of a seasoned professional. A#1 Air is happy to be able to offer this certification in-house, and our classes are so good that we have started to train our competition! We also have our technicians attend bi-weekly trainings to ensure that they stay on top of their game.

It's important for our technicians to be well-trained since we only offer the latest and most energy-efficient appliances when it comes to furnace replacement. These appliances offer money saving technology since they use less energy than traditional furnaces. Not only does this save money, but it protects the environment as well!

No environment is more important than the sanctity of your home. This is why all of our technicians go through a background check and drug test before we let them into your home. We want you to be confident in the professionalism of our technicians.

A Job Well Done With A#1 Air

If you are not impressed with the quality or technical know-how of our technicians, we want to know about it right away so that we can fix the problem. Additionally, all of our services are backed with a 100% money back guarantee so you know that we are committed to your satisfaction!

Contact us today to learn more about how we at A#1 Air can satisfy your needs for furnace repair and installation in Watauga, TX.