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Heating Repair & Installation

Westlake, TX

It's important that every Northern Texas home be outfitted with reliable heating to keep the home and family safe during the winter months. Did you know that if you do not have adequate heating, it can cause your plumbing to freeze, requiring extensive, not to mention expensive repairs? Keep your home safe and save money with heating repair and installation in Westlake, a beautiful town loved by many.

Westlake has some rather notable individuals that live within the city limits. The town is small, just over 700 people, but residents include the Jonas Brothers, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, Sean Payton, Matthew K. Rose; and even radio commenter Glenn Beck currently resides there. With such a famous population, it's no wonder that the residents of Westlake are particular about their needs.

At A#1 Air, we are particular about how to best serve our customers when it comes to Westlake heating repair and installation. One of the things that we are proud to offer is a 100% money back guarantee on our work – if you aren't satisfied, we'll issue you a full refund. That's how confident we are with our work as a heater replacement company.

Heater Replacement Services

One of the first things we do before we hire a technician is to make sure they undergo a drug test and a background check. This is so we can be confident of the caliber of individual that we are sending into your home. If we wouldn't bring them into our own home and let them work around our families, we certainly wouldn't send them to yours.

After vetting our technicians, we take painstaking care to ensure that they have all of the certifications that they need to get the job done right – and then some. Some of the certifications that A#1 Air technicians have include:

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification
  • ACR (Air Conditioning Repair) certification
  • NATE (North American Technician Repair) certification

We are proud of our NATE certification – it is a mark of excellence in the HVAC industry, and it's held by most of our senior technicians; and we are happy to be able to provide its training at our in-house facility. Our technicians also receive ongoing, bi-weekly training to keep them on top of the field, knowledgeable about the best and latest in HVAC technology. When it comes to taking care of our customers, we believe we have some of the best staff around.

Picking A#1 Air for Your Needs

We work hard to ensure that your needs as a customer are met. We take this seriously, and as a result, we have won a number of awards from notable outlets for our attention to customer service. These include:

  • Best of DFW Air Conditioning
  • Best Pick from EBSCO Research
  • Angie's List Super Service Award
  • And many more!

When it comes to serving you and your Westlake home, we at A#1 Air would be happy to take on the challenges presented. When you are in need of a heater replacement companies, we hope that you will contact us. We look forward to providing you with quality and affordable heating repair and installation in Westlake, TX.