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Wireless Surround Sound Repair & InstallationWireless Surround Sound
Repair & Installation
Dallas, Fort Worth

Your home theater is really coming together. You’ve got the big comfy chairs, the lighting is perfect, and that screen is just right for the room.  But you’re forgetting one thing.  Where’s the cinema quality sound? You can’t fully enjoy a movie without being immersed in the sounds of the film. With surround sound, you will feel like you’re in the action. With a wireless surround sound system, you get all of this minus the tricky wiring work. Plus you can wire your whole house and even play different music in each room!  When you want to beef up your home theater with wireless surround sound, call A#1 Air Security for the best products and services in Dallas, Fort Worth!

Surround Sound Tip

Movies are recorded so that the audience hears noises all around, which makes you feel like you are a part of the movie. Each speaker in a surround-sound system is assigned different sounds. - DIY Network


Wireless surround sound repair so you never sit in silence.

Your favorite movie is playing. You know every line by heart, and you can name every character. Just as soon as it reaches your favorite part of the entire film, the movie goes silent. Bummer. Your surround sound system needs to work if you’re going to enjoy the movie! We know your pain, and that’s why we are available to repair your surround sound any time that you may need it. So if you’re surround sound system isn’t working as it should, then give us a call!



Surround sound is sweet.  Wireless surround sound is even sweeter.

If something is not right with your surround sound system in your house, you’ll know it.  Give us a shout.  We’ll work hard to get your system back to giving you chills everytime the movie begins, but we won’t stop there.  We’ll service your surround sound system to get it back like you want and can even set it where you can control it from your smartphone or tablet. You will get the best service in the industry, and our technicians will leave you smiling. Guaranteed.



Wireless surround sound installation that drops the bulky wires but kicks in the sound!

When you decide to upgrade or install a new wireless surround sound system, just give us a call.  Strategically figuring out your AV equipment can be quite a daunting task, but we will work with you to decide what will be best for your home and budget! Lose the unsightly wires and gain the audio experience that will blow your socks off.  Another thing to keep in mind is that we offer Flexible Financing options that will get your surround sound up and running without having to empty your wallet!