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Electric Wire Repair DallasWiring
Dallas, Fort Worth

When it comes to your home wiring needs, rely on the experience and availability of A#1 Air Electric. If your home is straining against your ever-growing collection of appliances, power cords, and more, or if you have some faulty wiring posing a safety hazard or even threatening a fire, you definitely need to call us.  We're here when you need us to ensure that your home appliances, outlets, plugs and equipment function properly and safely. Our electricians are certified in electrical repairs, maintenance, and new installation services. Whether you need an upgrade, a repair, or completely new wiring, we’ll provide you with the most professional, courteous, and quality wiring services in Dallas.

Electric Money Saving TipsWiring Tip

Additional home electrical wiring should be done according to local and national electric codes with a permit and be inspected. – Licensed Electrical Contractor Dave Rongey

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Top wiring repairs for when your wiring is as antiquated as the nation’s power grid

Properly installed and maintained home electrical wiring is not only essential for safety but for optional and safe function of appliances, light switches, ceiling fans, and landscape lighting. A#1 Air Electric provides trained and experienced electrical repair services for your home and property. Whether outages or wiring problems are the results of an electrical storm, age, or a faulty circuit breaker, we will conduct the repairs you need in a timely manner. A#1 Air Electric is focused on your family's safety, so rest assured that when you need wiring repairs, we’ll be there.



Skilled professional electrical services to handle the many gadgets of modern life

A#1 Air Electric provides extensive home electrical wiring services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding regions. Services include electrical wiring repairs for everything from your circuit breaker to that plug in the attic. We evaluate the condition of your home’s wiring and provide you with a cost estimate before we begin work. Our skilled professionals are experienced in all wiring services including landscape lighting, hot tub and spa electrical connections, security lighting, cabinet and art display lighting, and more. Our skilled professionals can also rewire or update your outlets and plugs, replace circuit panels, and make sure your grounding systems are up to code.



Top wiring installation from top, seasoned electric teams

A#1 Air Electric provides skilled professionals to take care of your home electrical wiring installation needs. When you're adding on, renovating, or updating, choose only reliable and trained technicians to handle your electric installation jobs. Electricians at A#1 Air Electric are trained in panel upgrades and installations, wiring upgrades, and much more.  Our journeymen and master electricians have what it takes to exceed your wiring installation needs.