With rapidly aging power grids worldwide, unusual weather events, and frequent, sustained power outages in some areas, many people are looking for alternatives to keep their households and home businesses up and running. It is thus unsurprising that the estimated value of the global generator sales market in 2021 is $19.9 billion and should grow to $26.5 billion by 2026. While there are different types of generators for various power needs, whole house or standby generators, as they are otherwise known, are becoming increasingly popular. Major outages in Texas during the first quarter of 2021 led to an acceleration in demand and backlog for home standby generators, over and above the pre-existing already high demand levels.

Whole house generators are an investment, but installing one can be worth it if you work from home, experience frequent or prolonged power outages, store lots of cold food, or live in a climate where heating or cooling is essential. Generators can run for weeks with enough fuel and proper maintenance.

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What Is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is a backup electrical system that is connected to your home’s or business’s electrical grid. In the event that power to your home or business is lost, the standby generator will detect the loss of power within a matter of seconds and kick on automatically, providing power. Standby generators come in different sizes and provide a range of electrical power output.

The Benefits of a Standby Generator

Both residential homeowners and business owners throughout North Texas can benefit from standby generator installation. Some of the key advantages of a standby generator are listed below—

  • For residential homeowners. For the average residential homeowner, the biggest advantage of a standby generator is that a standby generator can provide peace of mind and enhanced comfort in the event of a blackout. Being able to keep the lights on, power appliances, and charge devices is a huge comfort. For some homeowners, having a generator can also be lifesaving. For example, those who rely on electricity-powered medical equipment could be in jeopardy if a blackout happens and they don’t have a backup source of power.
  • For businesses. Businesses in many industries also may be at risk of profit and business loss if they lose power. For example, restaurants that have industrial-size refrigerators could lose thousands of dollars’ worth of foodstuffs if power is lost; a standby generator can prevent this from happening.

In short, a standby generator is an easy way to ensure that there’s electricity when it’s really needed.


We will ensure that your home appliances, outlets, plugs, and other electrical equipment function properly and safely. With the addition of appliances you home can put a strain on wiring posing a safety hazard.


Your electrical panel is the brain to your home’s electrical system. If it isn’t maintained properly or repaired as needed you may experience a number of hazards in or around your home. We handle panel upgrades, replacement, and all things connected to your electrical subpanel.


Power surges can, and often do, lead to damage and even failure of your home’s electrical appliances, computer systems, and more. We can help you protect everything from your satellite dish and computer to the smallest of your appliances, with our whole home surge protection.

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