Residential Light Switch Plugs Outlets Repair

Did you know that light switches were invented in 1884; a technology that propelled homeowners into modern society? We’ve come a long way! It’s a good thing that A#1 Air Electric is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the huge variety of light switches used today. Our experienced electricians provide repairs, maintenance and installation for any number of light switches and styles that will best illuminate your Dallas home, safely and easily.

Light switch repairs and light dimmer repairs to get you out of the dark.

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your light switches or light dimmers, A#1 Air Electric offers services to help you and your family rest assured that you’re safe from electrical hazards like shocks or damage to wiring that may create a fire hazard. Our trained electricians can service and repair your light switches, plugs, outlets, grounding systems, control panels, and more. Problems with light switches often suggest electrical or wiring issues. Don’t take chances.  We can handle your problem right away.

Service for light switches and all your home’s wiring and electrical needs.

We offer every kind of light switch service, including replacing, moving, or changing your current light switches to dimmer style switches. If you want to replace your old light switches with new, more efficient light switches or dimmer light switch options, you can count on our trained and experienced technicians to do the job right. We’re dedicated to keeping your home and family safe from wiring and other electrical issues. Controlled dimmers and switches that are properly operating can also save you significant money on your electric bills.

Accent your home and improve your aesthetics with modern light switch installation.

Is it time to consider installing dimmer switches or timer switches to replace your standard light switches?  Or is it just time to install new light switches to replace your old ones?  Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or adding on to your home, our seasoned electricians can move light switches or swap your old traditional light switches to dimmer switches or timer switches.  This can not only modernize your home but it will also increase your lighting control options, thus helping to control energy costs while allowing you to “dial in” the desired amount of light.

For over 25 years, we’ve delivered comfort on a promise.  Guaranteed Right, Day or Night! From air conditioning & heating, to plumbing and electric, we stand behind our promise with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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