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Leak Detection Service in DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex’s Leak Detection Experts
A sudden water leak can occur at any time and any place on your property. It may happen in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your walls, or even in a concrete slab. Wherever it is located, extensive damage can occur if it is not taken care of immediately. Luckily, the professional team at A#1 Air is here to help! No matter where a leak has sprung in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our trained and licensed professionals can get to the heart of the issue.

Signs You Have a Leak

When water is pouring out of somewhere it shouldn’t be, it’s pretty obvious that you have a leak problem. However, the issue isn’t always this obvious! Here are some other signs that you’re dealing with a leak:

  • Your monthly water bill is higher than usual.
  • You hear the sound of running water even when all your faucets are shut off.
  • Your water meter has a high reading, indicating that more water is being used than the amount you use normally.
  • You notice wet spots or damp areas on walls, floors, or other parts of your property.
  • You see water dripping from pipes and joints.
  • You notice mold growth or a musty odor indoors.
How Professional Leak Detection Services Can Help

Oftentimes, where water ends up is not where the source of the leak is. At A#1 Air, our team of leak detection professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment to locate even the most difficult-to-find leaks. We use cutting-edge technology such as infrared cameras and ultrasonic listening devices to identify the source of water intrusion quickly and effectively. With these tools, we can detect even minor leaks that may otherwise remain unnoticed.

Once we have identified the source of the leak, our team can provide you with an estimate for necessary repairs and get to work on them right away. We understand that a water leak can be a stressful situation, so we strive to make sure your repair needs are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Contact Us Today for Leak Detection in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

If you suspect that you have a water leak somewhere in your home or business, contact A#1 Air today! We provide comprehensive leak detection and repair services for residential and commercial customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our team is available 24/7 to assist with all of your emergency plumbing repair needs.

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